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Many people today suffer from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). One prescription drug used to help treat this disorder is Adderall. When Adderall is taken as directed, patients have a more calming, focusing effect. However if this drug isnít prescribed to someone, the effects can be negative as they can make someone jittery, unfocused, and not be able to sleep.

With all the pressure of financial and social academic performance, college students are turning to Adderall without prescription for a boost. These college students donít have a prescription for this drug, nor do they have any medical need requiring them to take this pill, yet they feel the need to use it in order to improve test scores, focus on assignments or tests, or stay up late to study. While it's illegal to take Adderall without a prescription, some students are willing to take the risk as they see benefits in their academic performance.

The United States has reported an increase in patients with ADD and ADHD in recent years, some due to self-reported symptoms. Are students trying to get a prescription in order to focus on their studies and improve their overall academic performance? Most students donít even need this drug, yet they canít seem to get enough of it. Theyíll try to obtain this drug through dealers or friends, even if they donít need it for their own personal medical use. Students look to the black market to buy or sell pills they arenít critically needed. While some students may not want to get pills from a stranger, they will seek friends who are prescribed this drug and sell their personal prescriptions to the people they trust in order to avoid legal trouble.

Is it worth it? This and other drugs can become addictive and may be hard to wean off of them. Many students become dependent on this drug, which can lead to long-term health risks. If students keep abusing this drug, it can actually lead to lower levels of dopamine, a chemical that helps regulate mood. In severe cases, patients who become truly dependent on this drug have become severely depressed, became aggressive, and had a high risk of committing suicide.

If becoming dependent on Adderall causes this much havoc on someoneís life, is it truly a risk to take in order to help someone focus on finals? This drug is not worth the health risks it can take on someoneís life. It would be better to use this drug and others for medical purposes only, not for recreational use. There are better, safer options out there that can help you focus, relax, and study for finals without the use of drugs.