We all understand that local communities cherish the Little Mountain area. It holds some of the best mule deer and elk hunting habitat in the state, provides unique mid-elevation streams to fish for Colorado River cutthroat trout and offers backcountry recreation opportunities that are unparalleled in southwest Wyoming. It takes relationships with our partners to maintain a unified, consistent voice garnering credibility for our cause.

 These coalition partners are dedicated to conserving the unique landscapes and abundant fish, wildlife and recreation opportunities in the Little Mountain area of Sweetwater County for generations to come.

For more information about the organizations they represent call, email or click on the partner logos below.

Steve Martin, Bowhunters of Wyoming
Phone: 307-350-0486

Josh Coursey, Muley Fanatic Foundation
Phone: 307-389-7495

Nick Dobric, Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership
Phone: 307-220-0436

Tasha Sorensen, Trout Unlimited
Phone: 307-256-3446

Monte Morlock, United Steelworkers Local 13214
Phone: 307-389-4701

Joy Bannon, Wyoming Wildlife Federation
Phone: 307-287-0129


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