The Greater Little Mountain Area (GLMA) is a unique high desert region regarded by biologists, resource managers and sportsmen and sportswomen to contain some of the most sensitive fish and wildlife habitat in Wyoming. This habitat also presents tremendous opportunity for hunters and anglers. The GLMA is one of the most sought after hunting areas for mule deer and elk, and its small mountain streams hold abundant cutthroat trout. All of this under a backdrop of rolling aspen groves, pine forests and red-striped badlands outdoor recreation opportunities abound.  In 2008, the Greater Little Mountain Coalition (GLMC) formed to protect this region.


Our Mission

The Greater Little Mountain Coalition works with local stakeholders, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department and the Bureau of Land Management to promote a balanced management plan that protects the areas hunting, fishing and recreational opportunities for future generations while supporting responsible oil and gas development. 

Oil and gas revenues drive our local economy and we can balance that with protecting Little Mountain, which is the crown jewel of Sweetwater County. The thing that we have in this county, that is nowhere else, is intact wide-open spaces. I support protecting those places.
— Wally Johnson, Sweetwater County Commissioner

What We've Achieved

  • Created an economic brochure showcasing the areas hunting, angling and outdoor recreation financial contribution to Sweetwater County.

  • Created a map highlighting our six management prescriptions.

  • Created a fact sheet to share sense of place.

  • Conducted GLMA tours with decision makers, media and agency personnel.

  • February 2015 - Met with Rock Springs BLM Field Office. Discussed importance of GLMA to sportsmen and sportswomen and our management vision for a balanced approach with smart-from-the-start planning for oil and gas development.